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Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Oksana Semenchenko

Oksana Semenchenko Dear art collectors,
Welcome to my art studio online!
Enjoy art created with passion and love!
Wish you a wonderful and inspirational day!

CONTACT ME for painting commissions and inquiries about original painting price; if you wish to order prints on specific images, they will be allowed for printing on your request ( unless they are limited editions prints) .
Some prints are Limited editions, they will be ordered and send direct from artist to you.
For Original painting and Limited edition prints: payment Pay Pal, please contact artist.
All my Art/Images Copyright Oksana Semenchenko All rights reserved
I sign my art/images: Sana Kiy, OVS, Art by Sana Kiy
Sana Kiy is my artist and poet name
Oksana V. Semenchenko is my original name and my sign on the back of each original painting and on the Certificate of Authenticity (paintings and limited edition prints)
Also, visit artist studio online :*

Dear art buyers, art collectors, If you are interesting to purchase original painting from artist direct, means you are value artist work, appreciate and respect artist, artist time. Successful business relationship between artist and art buyer can’t be without a respect each other, value of time each other, and clear understanding each other Artist will be happy to respond on Inquiries about original painting only to serious art collectors, art buyers. To be clear from beginning, if you are contacting artist direct to purchase original painting, you agree with: Pay Pal payment, Shipping, You know exactly what original painting (-s) you will purchase, you can provide valid shipping address, your name and you are serious art buyer.
Payment: Pay Pal(debit/credit cards) You can purchase paintings in artist studio online After artist know what you will buy , artist will place a specific paintings you choose in artist studio online and you can purchase it safely by using your Pay Pal account (place your order you will see a form of payments ).
Shipping: Shipping price depends on your location /time/size/ weight /art value and insurance/currier/buyer and personal preferences/value of art. Shipping companies I use, I send my art with: FedEx. DHL, UPS, USPS, again all depends on International or not shipping.
Before you contact artist, first answer for yourself most important questions:
What exactly painting (-s) you would like to purchase? What amount of money from the minimum to the maximum (is your limit) you are going to spend? Look at size, colors, subject, style, prices. Is an art you choose a your style, how compatible it with a rest of your place, room, home/office? Did you choose a specific place for art already, try visually picture it. You have to have a plane, where will be the place for a painting (-s) you are going to purchase. First, be sure that you need a painting (-s), you know exactly painting (-s) you like to purchase, decide for yourself how much you can afford to spend? Contact artist for the price of painting (-s) you choose to purchase, contact artist if you already know exactly painting(-s)you want to purchase/prices to discuss buying/shipping process. Please contact artist when you know exactly what you want, agree, understand: name of painting (-s), agree Pay Pal payment, can choose a shipping company from offered, can provide your name and valid shipping address (residential), if other please explain.
Contact/Buy in Galleries:
If you want to purchase original paintings, but for your comfort would like to use different form of payment, customize/use a different shipping, you want an advice art curator, any other questions related to my original acrylic painting(-s) listed for sale in galleries:
If painting you like to purchase not in this galleries, find your answers on method of payment and shipping from gallery first, and I will list painting for sale with a gallery you choose to you can buy it.
Artist will not respond: if buyer doesn’t know what want, asking show all art for sale, can’t choose art, disagree with form of payment Pay Pal, offers organize a shipping, give artist a company contacts (name, e-mail contact), if shipping company doesn’t has a website/address/ telephone/impossible to find any information and not listed above in “Shippingâ€