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Oksana Semenchenko

Oksana Semenchenko

Fort Myers, FL


Please visit and buy paintings direct from artist here: http://artbysanakiy.fineartstudioonline.com/works

Art is a reflection of the artist's life, soul, dreams ... It is a captured moment of the artist's state of mind, collected in every painting, image, in every movement of brushes and paint...
Every painting created by artist is the most sincere and frank speech of his soul, his genuine personality, it's a confirmation of his personal uniqueness and identity. Art is life, passion and love... From any day or moment of life can unexpectedly surprise and inspire. Enjoy life and be inspired. Life is truly beautiful!
I am an artist and poet residing in Fort Myers, FL. My paintings are signed by the name Sana Kiy. Photography and Digital Art signed by the name OVS or Art by Sana Kiy. I believe art is international language. It is a way to express ones self without the need for words. It is an language that speaks from the artist soul to the visual concept. All my paintings have been created on canvas using acrylic paints. I have named my art collections Soul and Inspirations. Sometime I just call them Soul Inspirations, the same name as my collection of poetry which is written in Russian language. Art and poetry connect my life reflect one in another. Enjoy my art created with love for a beautiful life, be inspired. Life is truly beautiful and unique.
Dear art collectors and art lovers, you have a wonderful opportunity to have a unique pieces of art added to your collection. I am the creator of a collection of acrylic paintings, that I have been creating with passion and soul . Now I have decided to allow for the sales of my original art. You are invited to visit my gallery to view original acrylic paintings I have been holding onto with all my soul from the moment I created them. Today , I am ready to let it go in your collections, in your home, mind, soul where they find special place and are cared for. Thank you for letting my art become a lovely part of your home and life!
HOW to BUY a painting: Please check paintings and buy from my website http://artbysanakiy.fineartstudioonline.com/works or contact artist about painting you wish to buy and details (of buying/payment/shipping) . When payment is complete the painting will be shipped. After receiving the painting you have a 3 days to decide whether you are satisfied. Please contact artist if you wish to make a return within 3 days of receiving (you pay for insurance and shipping) and I will refund your money. If I do not hear from you in three days I will assume you are keeping the painting.
With kind regards to you, Oksana Semenchenko
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Art/Photography Copyright Oksana Semenchenko ALL Rights Reserved

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